Strategic Priorities


Formed from the input of students, faculty, staff and alumni, these seven strategies reflect who we want to be and where we plan to go as a University in the next five years. To read more about the “how” behind these strategies, take a look at Belmont’s Phase IV: Strategic Priorities document below or watch President Fisher’s presentation from a November 2014 University Town Hall Meeting.


01.WE WILL strive to attract, retain and graduate extraordinary students.

02.WE WILL pursue transparency, open conversations and positive relationships as tools for creating a renewed sense of mutual respect and collaboration.

03.WE WILL ensure long-term organizational strength by the efficient and responsible use of our resources.

04.WE WILL engage in ongoing evaluation of our learning processes and adapt to changing environments.

05.WE WILL utilize technology related to information dissemination, learning, instructional delivery and administrative practice to innovate.

06.WE WILL continue our commitment to be “Nashville’s University,” aligning Belmont’s vision and resources with the ever-changing needs of the people in our community.

07.WE WILL exemplify our Christian faith by responding to the imperative expressed in James 1:22, which states “Do not merely listen to the word… Do what it says.”